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Chicago, Among Other Things.

May 13, 2009

Picture by Me

Picture by Me

Was in Chicago this weekend. A recount of the day I spent there.

– Helped out with Night Ministry. Well, not really help out, but more listened to someone talk about Night Ministry, then go out and the streets of Chicago and see what it would be like to be homeless. Questions we pondered included where we would spend the night, get something to eat for $5 or less, and if we could go in a restaurant and get a glass of water. Very depressing, and it makes me even more thankful to have a rood over my head and be able to just sit down in a chair and blog about stuff while watching Pride and Prejudice.

– Ate Giobarnio’s pizza. Delish.

-Millenium Park!!!!!


Pictures by Moi

Pictures by Moi






Millenium Park is so wonderful. It’s great.



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I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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