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Vive La Avril Catalogues!

April 1, 2009

picture-25 April is the best month, in my biased opinion. It’s my birthday month, Spring Break month, Easter month, and despite what scientists say, spring doesn’t really start here in Coldest State Ever until like, mid-April. So really, with all this totally awesome stuff going on, it’s fitting that April also has really cool clothing catalogues. So, without further ado, here’s the creme de la creme of clothing catalogues for April, (okay, mostly just J. Crew and Anthropologie catalogues, but whatevs.)

You Know I Love Y’All, Right?


P.S. Five Bucks To The Person Who Can Come Up With The Funniest Caption for Liya Kebede in this picture. Dibs on You are Kidding About This Oatmeal Colored Cardagin, right? Okay, that one stunk. You Guys Can Do Better. Or Else I’m scared for humanity.




picture-115I see that leather bags are replacing vases are number one place to store flowers. Bravo expensive, kinda strange leather bags.

picture-31Liya’s mom must be really nice if she’s letting her scatter rose petals and put her feet on that tweed chair. Feel my not 30 Rock worthy sarcasm.

picture-41I don’t get what it is with roses and this J. Crew catalogue. Are roses like J. Crew’s official fleur or something? Or is it the fleur de Avril?? Must investigate…….

picture-116Cute Skirt. On Other Note, I sctrached my hand on the wall and now it hurts. Is that normal? I didn’t think so.

picture-26Cute. Although honestly, the combo’s not that original.

picture-32I can’t really see that women having three kids and looking like that. Cute Dress.

picture-117Sorry the Anthro pics aren’t as pic. Anyway, this is uber cute. Spring-y.


This is the kind of dress I need for vacay. Little Kid does not need to be included.

Well, that’s all chicas.



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  1. April 1, 2009 1:48 pm

    I think Liya looks stunning in this catalog. I wonder what J.Crew has under their sleeves for the next catalog.

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