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Topshop Is Gonna Ruin My Wallet, I Can Tell You That Much

April 1, 2009

Picture from Nitrolicious

Picture from Nitrolicious

 Have you SEEN the pictures of the new Topshop? Gorgeous! I’m jealous of anyone who gets to go to the opening. I’ll be stuck in school, naturally, probably coloring. What is it with schools and coloring? I mean, after a certain age, pretty much every single kid KNOWS how to color. We don’t need any practice in that category. Anyway, anyone who gets the chance to go to the Topshop opening, let me know! I hear it’s going to be fabulous. Here’s Nitrolicious’ great first look at the new store. Lucky Duck.

Anyway, That’s the end of my endless ranting. That happens a lot.



p.s. You know, there’s going to be a shoe lounge. And a few concerts. Although the Kooks aren’t playing, so I guess it’s okay that I’m missing it.

p.s. The Kooks are the new Beatles. Just in case you haven’t caught on.

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