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Twilight Author Admits She Stinks at Writing (Sorta)

February 24, 2009

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Picture from

Stephenie Meyers admits she’s not that good of an author. Okay, actually she says she’s an amateur, but still. Pretty crazy. Show THAT to my friend.



Note: Yes, it’s not FASHION related, but I take every chance show that Twilight is over rated. And it’s from Vogue!!!

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  1. haven permalink
    March 2, 2009 7:15 pm

    Twilight rocks! Although I do admit that Stephenie Meyer isn’t that great of writer and Breaking Dawn sucked . . . And come on, vampires don’t SPARKLE! And she used the word “scinitillating” to describe his arms! What’s up with that? But I am as big a sucker for a star-crossed lovers as anyone . . . and Edward is the hottest thing ever! Not Robert Pattinson, he’s ugly. So I still dig the books, but I’ve made up my own ending, which features no Renesmee. Not that I have anything against her personally. She’s a cool chick . . . but I hated the ending for everyone else. And the book totally exemplified Bella’s Mary Sou-ness and took her stupid martyrdom to new, totally extreme, killing-yourself-for-a-killer, I-am-life-support-for-a-vampire-baby heights! And what was her obsession with having a son? And FYI, it would no be genetically possible for the kid to get green eyes. That gene of Edward’s is dead. SCIENCE. It works, bitches.

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