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A Letter to the NY Times Style Section

January 19, 2009

Dear New York Times Style Section,

What happened to you?? You’ve turned into Marie Claire without the glossy pages and glossy ads and well, glossy everything. I’ve expected you to be my fashion reprieve, a little dose of  fashion and style among the depressing articles in most of  the other sections, but instead you’re turning into a bore no one wants to read.I understand that you’re not supposed to be a great, fashion publication. But can you at least keep more of a focus on actual fashion???? As I was flipping through the section today, I couldn’t find a single article on the first page that was actually fashion related. There was an article about a women using her children’s school directories to send her Open House fliers too, and another about the new daytime series The Doctors, starring a former Bachelor star. The piece de la resistance of the front page was an article about how everything big and New York-like is moving to Washington this week, and how the City seems practically dead. The only thing about the front page that even suggests that the section writes about fashion is the Americana-esque Gucci ad at the bottom of the page.

As I flip through the section, more fashion seeps through, even if only through ads. Dior, Ralph, Saks, and Tiffany are such examples. I find a fashion-esque spread of yoga styles, which seems so amateur that I could do it in an afternoon, if I had the money to buy the clothes featured there. There’s also a collage of  cream winter coats, very stylish, and the extent of the entertaining fashion stuff. Part of me thinks The Style Section should be renamed The Social Section. Because truthfully, that’s all that ever seems to get written in there.

Well, New York Times Style Section, I don’t love you. Change Yourself!!!! Be like T Magazine for crying out loud. Because only in your magazine do you seem to actually be capable of writing about something other than the latest daytime Doctor show.


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