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Three Interesting New Lines!!

December 23, 2008

Here you go. You get three blog posts for the price of one. Enjoy!!Line 1: Mischa Barton is starting a headband line. Not just any headbands though. The ugly, hippie headbands. You know, ones you could make for five cents? And she’s selling them from $80-$200. I don’t buy a headband unless it’s under $10. But who knows? Maybe someone will spend their rent cash for a headband a five year old could make.

Excitment Meter (from 1-10): 2

Line 2: Andrea Lieberman, the stylist for people like Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Paltrow, (she likes styling for people with Gwen in their name,) is going to start a line called A.L.C. filled with Girly Things. Cool interview with her about the line here:

Excitement Meter: 8.5

Line 3: Peaches (don’t get the name) Geldof is starting a line, one that will apparently rival Kate Moss’s. Not likely. But, she does have sort of a cool style, so, you know, maybe. 

Excitement Meter: 6

Well, that’s it. The picture of Mischa Barton is from Cheers!!



Bonus: M.I.A. is starting a line. Like we need more bombers and ugly leggings. Although she did board with one of my favorite fashion designers Luella, so, maybe this line will turn out good.

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