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Some Cute Winter-esque Earrings

December 20, 2008

As it’s a Saturday, and the weather outside is horrendous, I’m compiling strange lists of cute stuff. First off: earrings!!! I love these ones because they reflect the true colors of winter: blue and silver. They’re made by gerard yosca, and would look cute with a plain black dress and pumps. Picture’s by I’ll put links on where to buy the earrings on the list at the bottom of the post.These earrings are year-round beauties. I’m not really a fun of perfectly shaped pearls, so this is a pretty great pair for me. Also, I am always losing earring backs or earrings, so the close-on-themselves are wonderful. They’re by jill pearson for wasabi. I love the name just as much as the earrings.

I love the flower imprints on these specimans. Simple, clean, and chic. Ooh la la!! Made by me&ro.

Last but not least, turquoise!! I love turquoise things. Maybe it has to do with vacations to Utah, but I think turquoise is a flattering color and an interesting mineral. It works well in these earrings I think. Made by A.V. Max.

As promised, links!!

Earrings 1:

Earrings 2:

Earrings 3:

Earrings 4:

All of the earrings are from, a great shopping site. They have a store in Madison that I visited. Great store. Great selection. Anyway, the outfit of the day will be up shortly.



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