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Fall Shopping List #1: Rebel with a Sweet Side

September 25, 2008

This Shopping List is for all you people out there looking for a few new pieces that create a new look. A few of the pieces I have chosen are below. I’ll link a full list at the bottom of the page.

Happy Shopping!!!


 Quilted Leather Jacket: While some leather jackets have you screaming for  Harley Davidson, this one is fresh and clean while still keeping that rebel vibe. Pair this with a pair of blue skinny jeans, fun red tank top, and pair of awesome heels, preferably in silver, and you’re ready for a casual night out. Or if you’re wearing this to work, wear it with a fitted cashmere dress, like Millions of Smile’s cashmere dress. The jacket is available at



   Every Girl needs a good trench coat. Here’s one. It’s glossy, and demands attention. It says, I am here, I am powerful, who are you? It fits the rebel with a sweet side pattern. You don’t really have to surround an outfit against this statement piece, because you can just take it off when you get inside, but pair this with a pair of jeans, menswear shirt style thing, and an awesome gold necklace, and you’ve got an outfit.



Sorry the alignment’s weird, but I can’t get this right. Anyway, these jeans are cool. I really love 7 for All Mankind. While their skinny jeans don’t really look good on that many people unless they starve, these flare jeans are flattering, a light wash, and fit the rebel thing. Pair with a leather jacket, and the gold boots below, and you’ve got an outfit.


  I. Love. These. Boots. And they fit the them! Yeah! Just wear them with jeans. One of my friends wore big boots the other day with jeans. Not good. Not good at all. They work well with everything above on the list. 7 for All Mankind as down it again with these fantastic boots. Love the heel, the wraparound, everything. Sweetness.






   I love American Vintage for their simple, comfy, menswear inspired shirts. Great for layering, and great for this theme. You can stacks tons of jewelry on them, add a jacket or something, and still look amazing. Fantastic. 






I’m not going to add pictures, but here are some other lines that may interest you.

A Peace Treaty: Great simple striped scarves in muted shades.

Alex and Chloe and Disney Couture Jewelry: Alex and Chloe has cool necklaces and shades, and Disney Couture makes you revisit your inner princess.

Elizabeth and James and Rag and Bone: Both sort of capture our vibe.

Rock the Vote: Well, you have too. And it fits the vibe.

Well, thanks for tuning in. Next Week, Another List. Love You All so so so much!!! A

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