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Edie Rose for DKNY

September 18, 2008

Rachel Bilson, style queen (there are a lot of them,) is designing a line for DKNY. For My Review, see after the jump.

This line is apparently named for Rachel Bilson’s Grandmother and “mentor”, or something like that. Personally, I don’t think they’d be very proud of this “juniors sportswear collection”. More to me like urban mess. Only about four colors are used: yellow, denim, (which really isn’t a color, more a fabric), white, and black. Some of the outfit kinda look like a mustard and denim sandwich. There are a few exceptions, like the motorcycle type outfit with the skinny tie, and possibly the blazer. Otherwise, I think the collection looks like messy, (but NOT in a good way). I kinda wish I could say better stuff about this collection, but maybe next time, Rachel Bilson will roll out some better.

Grade: C

P.S. Look at those models! The blonde looks like she’s sucking in her cheeks big time, and her eyes are giving me a look that could, and probably will kill. Also, they need a hamburger. Now.)

Link Below.

Love from lestylegirl, A

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